The Need for Essential Infrastructure

In North America and throughout the OECD, essential infrastructure is failing to keep pace with current and expanding needs. The financing gap for infrastructure is well- documented; globally, there is a $15 trillion gap between projected investment and the amount needed to provide adequate global infrastructure by 2040.

Infrastructure is fundamentally about relationships: between a community and its citizens, between a business and the stakeholders it serves, and between the physical infrastructure and its surrounding natural and socioeconomic environment. Studies show that infrastructure investment can create tangibly better economic and social opportunities for individuals and for countries, with an economic multiplier in North America of approximately 1.7 times for every dollar invested.

Connecting to the Opportunity Ahead

Instar is proud to offer a distinctive value proposition to investors with a diversified, core value-added strategy that is matched to local infrastructure investment need in North America where there is a significant opportunity for private capital to build and strengthen the essential infrastructure upon which our economy and communities depend. We believe we have an opportunity to build more resilient infrastructure that will be sustainable for generations to come, improving equality and diversity of opportunity and reducing global carbon emissions

As an independent asset management firm, Instar makes its investment decisions as a partner and owner. Our investment philosophy is guided by the principles of integrity, accountability, alignment, professionalism and transparency, which is further distinguished by our:

Emphasis on the middle market where most of the infrastructure investment need exists in North America. We help great businesses become even better at what they do: delivering high quality essential infrastructure for communities that creates lasting impact and value.

Diversified approach to infrastructure investing with an emphasis on cultivating innovation and partnership opportunities across our four sector hubs: connectivity, mobility, agriculture and energy transition

Disciplined approach to investment management with an emphasis on building lasting partnerships and preserving and enhancing value, always asking ourselves and others how we can help.

Active management and deep engagement across our entire platform to help drive value for stakeholders through growth, operational enhancement, people and environmental, social and governance initiatives.